How to make Clear Glaze


Hello chef and future chef ! This is a clear glaze for fruit wich is use most of the time for making the fruits shiny ! Most of the chef buy it from différent companie, pretty much nobodies make it himself but it’s alway good to know how to do it, and what is inside !

It’s not spécially easy to find one of the main ingrédient: pectin thermoreversible. It can sound complicate but it’s actually not, it’s only mean that this pectin can be heat and cooldown then heat again without losing the propriéty, compare to a normal pectin that once it will be set, you can try to heat, it wont move !

No worries, I have an alternative solution for you in case you can’t find pectin. it will be a bit lower in the page.


  • 250 g water
  • 50 g glucose
  • 90 g sugar
  • 10 g pectin thermos reversible
  • 1g citric acid / lemon juice


  • Heat water and glucose to 40°
  • Mix pectin and sugar together
  • Add the powder to the water and mix continuously
  • Bring it to boil
  • Stop the heat and add the acid
  • leave it to cooldown then use lukewarm
  • If the texture is to thick, add some water until the texture is nice to brush



  • between 40° and 50° is the idéal température to add the dry ingrédients otherwise it could make some lambs ( if that happen, use hand blender ).
  • The pectin, before adding into liquid is alway mixed with other dry ingrédient, otherwise for sure, the pectin will make a big lambs when added to the water.
  • The acid help to activate the gélatine effect of the pectin, same as a jam.

What about if I don’t have pectin ?

Your second option is the old school method, the syrup 30°

  • 200 g water
  • 270 g sugar

Easy to make, just bring both to boil to make the syrup, make sure the sugar is dissolve before stopping the heat. Leave it to cooldown, then put in the fridge, use it cold with a brush.

Is good to know: This syrup is also use for sponge, the classic french ” baba au rhum “. Feel free to add flavour into the syrup: lemon zest, cinnamon, cloves, anis, etc etc…

That is the end of this article, I hope it will be useful for you, feel free to leave comment or share the article ! 🙂 bye bye =D


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