How To Make Pastry Fondant For Choux

I used the pastry fondant for 4 years without knowing how to do it myself, and there is nothing more simple, you can keep it for several months and glaze your choux whenever you like! 🙂 The pastry fondant is veryusefull to add the sweetness that the choux will need and make it look amazing and yummy!


Recipe of the pastry fondant:

  • 250 g sugar
  • 70 g water
  1. Cook water and sugar at 114 °
  2. While cooking clean with a brush and clean water the edges of the casserole to avoid the formation of crystals
  3. Leave the syrup to cooldown at 75 °, then pass it in the robot equipped with a paddle until it is cooled.

How to use the fondant:

  1. If the white flux has a crust, it is very important to pass from the desiccated water until the crust is dissolved. Remove the exedent from the water.
  2. The fondant is used around 35 ° (use a microwave or a casserole). Once this temperature reaches, it needs the right consistency, this fondant will be too hard and will need water. If you wish to color it is now. Use a water-soluble color that is already mixed with water. Mix and add color or water until it is the right consistency, too liquid it will sink on your choux, too hard it will not be pretty. If it is used too hot it will become dull and will not be shiny.
  3. Please note that the fondant is of course sweet. To make a nice dessert your feeling will have to be in balance with, it mean not sweet at all or sour.
  4. We cook at 114°, normally it should be the good consistancy ( considering we have to add water for the color ), if you cook less, it will be less hard, if you cook more, it will be harder.

Professional secret technique best result for round choux:

Here is now a tehcnique Pro, you can do it home if you have cocoa butter :)!

  • 250 g fondant
  • 5 g glucose
  • 10 g cacao butter
  1. Melt the cacao butter, heat the fondant, mix all together with the paddle in the robot.
  2. With a paping bag, put some of the new mix wich have to be around 35° in a half sphere mold and imédiately put over the choux
  3. Place in the freezer about 15min, you can demold and admire the perfect shape of the fondant.

It’s not easy to master this technique, the fondant need to me right temperature, the choux well round and well size to fit in the mold, but this is the best result ever. Will probably show you this with a vidéo soon !

Hope this article has been usefull for you, cya !

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